Fighting for mans’ best friend

By Huia Karaitiana

Filipino people in rural areas defend their pets from stray dogs by keeping them indoors, as the only option to fight off rabies.

The Philippines has been fighting a battle against rabies in animals particularly dogs since

Through government and interventions by locals there hasbeen an increase in vaccines for animals to fight against this virus, however it is still very prevalent today particularly in a small village named“Maquinit”, only a 30 minute drive from Coron town. There are dozens of stray dogs AKA Askal (which literally translates to stray dog) withno owners and only a small will to live. The Askal dog is the national doghowever it is treated like a nuisance due to health and safety risks and fearsof getting a disease in which only one person has survived, rabies.

Manyowners of dogs are aware of the dangers and endeavour to keep their belovedpets away from any potential dangers. It seems the more privileged vaccinatedpets cannot even risk the chance of passing on the rabies to it’s owner howevermost pet owners do make up for the loss of affection in other ways.

Paul Cinco, proud dog owner shares his tips on how he protects his dog

According to Paul Cinco, local from Maquinit, said:

“I trained too much and I made him sleep beside me. He is always beside me.

My dog is very humble. So I protect him and have him sleep beside me. . . Sometimes this does mean he has to stay inside for a whole day.”

The only way to truly protect the pets of owners in Coron and more particularly the villages is by having zero chance and only taking pets out on walks when there is no danger around or even keeping them inside all day.

All in all, the trial of loneliness dogs have to go throughthe endeavours of the owners for companionship and love makes up for it.