Eleanor Michael

“Travelling is an enormous passion of mine; it’s about experiencing different cultures and seeing what other parts of the world have to teach you. This cultural experience is not only about me growing as a person; but also enhancing others lives through my stories. I’ve always thrived in a fast paced environment, so I’m excited to hit the ground running and experience authentic international correspondent work.

I am so grateful to have to the opportunity to see new place, hear new stories and eat new food. These experiences are not often available; therefore I will be giving it all I got! Go hard or go home!”

Kirsten Jelinek

Kirsten is a journalism student with a deep interest in reporting on health and social issues. With her passion for travelling and telling stories merging together on this trip, she hopes her time in the Philippines will allow her to grow her skills as a journalist and create meaningful and engaging multi-platform content.

She is always searching for a great story and can’t wait to see what the Philippines has in store.

Olivana Smith-Lathouris

My name is OlivanaSmith-Lathouris, I’m a passionate student of Law, Journalism and Spanish. My enthusiasm for politics, current affairs and human rights has driven me to pursue a career as an investigative journalist whilst also continuing to grow my interest for law. I am a strong believer in challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have no doubt this tour will do exactly that. I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to work in a foreign city alongside such a dedicated group of young journalists. I know this will be an experience to remember and I can’t wait to produce some incredible stories.

Inga Neilsen

Hi I’m Inga – a 21 year old Journalism/Law student at UTS. I live and breath journalism – fascinated by the fast paced world. I am beyond excited to be part of the 2018 FCST Tour to the Philippines! What better way to experience a new culture than to talk to locals and report on their stories. The experiences of an individual shape who they are as a
journalist. That is why the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour is integral to enhancing my personal and professional goals. I am passionate about using journalism as a platform to initiate change. I cannot wait to be part of a group of talented people, and grasp every opportunity that the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour offers.

Elyse Popplewell

Elyse Popplewell is a young journalist with a convenient overlap of professional and personal interests in culture and world order. The Foreign Correspondent Study Tour to the Philippines is the capstone program for Elyse’s Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at the University of Technology Sydney.

Having received a scholarship to travel to South Korea for journalism earlier in 2018, the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour to the Philippines is the second journalism abroad experience of her bourgeoning career.

Eilidh Mellis

I’m Eilidh, a Scot from New Zealand, and the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour is a stellar opportunity for me to combine my love of travel with my journalism studies. The best thing about being a young journalist is being able to hear and tell the stories of people I would have never otherwise encountered. I have a special interest in doing audio news packaging for radio, but I’m looking forward to honing my skills in video production as well as writing features while I’m overseas.

When I’m not holding a voice recorder to someone’s face, I’m usually found tweeting from music gigs or commenting on dog-spotting posts on Facebook!

Huia Karaitiana

From a young age I invented this catchphrase “well it’s the truth” and I used it as a guide for how I lived my life. Sometimes I used it as an excuse to say something outrageous but knew it were true, in a way it was a mask for me to spill the beans. Growing up even now, I noticed the more I told the truth the more impressed those around me became but the truth isnt so black and white.

The truth is manipilated in the eye of the beholder. As humans we are inevitably biased no matter what we do and we “make up” truths for ourselves, but the point here is there is always right and wrong. I love hearing two sides to a story and I guess that’s why I am here as a journalist. The kind of journalism I love doing is connecting with people, hearing their story and doing justice for the majority of the population. I am so stoked to have this amazing opportunity where, as a first year, I feel like I’ve been thrown into the deep end. I hope to do the Philippines justice.”


Marina loves travelling and exploring different cultures and the unexpected stories you fall across when you’re in a completely foreign place. She loves covering stories that impact and connect women around the world and loves the interviewing aspect of journalism and the way it can bring people together or spread awareness about different social issues.

She intends to keep travelling this year to challenge herself as a travel writer, freelance journalist and prospective foreign correspondent whilst volunteering with NGO’s and covering stories all over the world.